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About Kalinga College of Art

Kalinga College of Art established in 2019 under Utkal University of Culture for advance education in Visual Art located at the central place of Bhubaneswar, temple city in Odisha. If you are interested in studying in Kalinga College of Art (KCA) but want the flexibility of Indian contemporary style of education. KCA offers the best visual Art education for a 4 years degree course. The college provides Department of Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Indian style painting, Applied art & Design, Pottery & Ceramic, Art History and many others. Also, KCA provides very good Art environmental Class room & Studio, Library and Exhibition Hall.
KCA has world class Teaching Staffs that provides extraordinary academic learning experience that takes care of personal, intellectual and professional development of its students. Our curriculum includes exposure of students to world class art symposium, workshop, exhibition, Art talk, Seminar, Public art and many such art related activities.
Students have the freedom to tailor their academic experience to match their personal and professional interests. KCA also attracts International students who wish to live and learn globally. They bring to the classroom their diverse cultural backgrounds, languages & perspectives and their sense of adventure to become part of the global art community much beyond their own nationalities and experiences.